Automated Heavy Armored Robot Turret
Automated Heavy Armored Robot Turrets are a lethal defense system in Dr. Goldfire's facilities. They are attached to the ceiling, and rotate 360 degrees.


Although turrets are not the toughest resistance the player will encounter, they have some features which can make them more difficult.

  • There are only two weapons that are capable of damaging and destroying the turrets: the Rapid Assault Weapon, and the Dual Neutron Disruptor. Other weapons have no effect.
  • Their rapid-fire shots can drain health extremely quickly. As long as Blake is in the turret's line of site, he will be heavily attacked.
  • When a turret "locks on", the player should either destroy the turret as quickly as possible, or immediately run for cover.
  • Since turrets rotate, it is possible to move by them while Blake is out of their line of site.
  • Turrets can sometimes be hard to notice since they are on the ceiling and sometimes in small areas. It is common to find an area that seems safe, only to be unexpectedly killed by turrets that weren't noticed! The player should always use caution in areas with turrets and make sure they have either of the effective weapons.