Debug mode allows for debugging the game and/or "cheating". Version 1.0 of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold does not have a debug mode feature.

Activation Edit

To activate debug mode, the game must be run with the command line parameter "powerball" (for example: "bstone powerball", without quotes). Next, on the Jam Productions logo screen while the white text appears below the logo, both shift keys must be held down until a "ka-ching" sound plays. During gameplay, the map name in the status bar is replaced with a message stating that debug mode is active. Debug codes may now be used by holding down the backspace key and pressing the following key or combination of keys for the desired effect:

  • 6 + 7 - Obtain all bonus items (gold, etc.)
  • 7 + 8 - Kill all actors
  • 6 + 8 - Obtain all bonus items and kill all actors
  • A - Show actors on automap
  • B - Change border color of the screen
  • C - Stats
  • D - Invisible to actors (some actors will still be aware of the player, but will not fire)
  • E - Immediately "win" (end) the mission
  • F - Row/column coordinates of player position
  • G - God mode (invincibility)
  • H - Remove 1 health point from player (if not invincible)
  • I - Items; each time this code is used, the player obtains the next weapon (in order of power)
  • M - Memory information
  • Q - Immediately exit and close the game
  • O - Show pushwalls on automap
  • U - Unlock all floors
  • S - Toggle slow motion mode on or off
  • T - Displays "gallery" of sprites and sounds (Planet Strike does not use this code)
  • V - Xxtra VBLS
  • W - Warp to level (enter map number in box that appears)
  • shift + W - Warp to next level