Bio-Technicians are scientists found throughout the facilities. They wear white lab coats and come in two kinds. They mention they're trying to unlock all floors, but this information is trivial.


Informants are Bio-Techs who are secretly opposed to Dr. Goldfire's plans, and want to help Blake Stone. When interrogated, they give hints, ammo and food tokens. The player should be careful not to shoot them,
as this causes points to be lost, and prevents the player from getting the hints and/or items from the Informant. An informant will not drop anything if he is killed. In some areas the player can find dead informants, hinting that Goldfire had them executed. Informants make unique, more dramatic death sounds then loyalists when they are killed, presumably to further discourage the player from killing them.


Loyalists are loyal to Goldfire and will do anything for him. Loyalists cannot be distinguished from Informants by appearance; interrogation is generally the only way to check if a Bio-Tech is an Informant or Loyalist but they can be triggered hostile if the player fires a gun near them. When a
Loyalist attacking
loyalist is interrogated, they may either give a warning to leave them alone, or start attacking immediately. Because of this, the player should always be prepared when about to interrogate a Bio-Tech. They may be the people behind the mutations. Despite being armed with the Slow-Fire Protector, they will never drop this weapon for the player.