Auto Charge Pistol

The Auto Charge Pistol is the least powerful weapon in the Blake Stone games, and the weapon the player first starts out with. It never runs out of ammunition, rather, it must recharge after each shot. Thus, there is a very brief delay before the Auto Charge Pistol can be fired again. It should generally only be used as a last resort, or when ammunition must be conserved. Despite its low power, it can easily be used to defeat a human guard to take their Slow Fire Protector.

This weapon most closely resembles from Wolfenstine 3-D and its various mods/ports is the Knife. Both weapons emit a small ambient sound that enemies do not react to, are only usable at close range, and can kill most non boss enemies with a well aimed attack.


  • The Auto Charge Pistol is "silent", according to a hint from a Bio-Tech. However, when using FM synth for sound effects, firing the weapon makes a sound (although the enemies do not actually react to it).
  • As a challenge, "Expert" players attempt to complete entire levels using nothing but the Auto Charge Pistol.


Blake Stone AOG - Auto-Charge Only - E1M1

Blake Stone AOG - Auto-Charge Only - E1M1