Main map Planet Strike

Area map with numbers added

The levels in Planet Strike are called areas. Planet Strike is divided into 20 main areas, plus 4 secret areas. The player's main objective in each area is to find the fission detonator and then use it to destroy the security cube, unlocking the teleport to the next level. Unlike Aliens of Gold, the game is not divided into separate episodes. In the game engine, areas start at 0, so area 1 is actually 0, area 2 is 1, and so on.

A map of all areas is shown on the teleport control panels. The shapes of the areas on the main map, however, do not represent the actual shapes of the levels (all levels are essentially within a fixed square area).

List of AreasEdit

  1. Transport Arrival Area
  2. Bio-Tech Labs (Exit to secret area: Mutant Programming)
  3. Cargo Holding
  4. Radiation Containment
  5. Trainee Quarters (Giant Stalker is boss)
  6. Security Section (Exit to secret area: Plasma Test Areas)
  7. Rehabilitation Areas
  8. Weapons Training
  9. Administrative Areas
  10. Communications (Armored Stalker is boss)
  11. Mutant Holding Chambers
  12. Cryogenics Labs
  13. Engineering Sector
  14. High Security Area (Exit to secret area: Bio Mechanics Labs)
  15. Supply Processing (Spector Demon is boss)
  16. Bio Materials Storage
  17. Crew Quarters
  18. Mutant Isolation Area
  19. Cryo Testing Chambers (Exit to secret area: Cyborg Repair Bays)
  20. Goldfire's Lair (Crawler Beast and Dr. Goldfire are bosses)

Secret AreasEdit